Fiber & Yarn

Mennan Makina

In 1996, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) and Turkey Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK TIDEB) support Mennen Aksoy carried out under the responsibility of the R & D project starting with the textile machinery manufacturing, MENNAN machine has won Turkey's first and only title in this field. The product BCF4 first project, TUBITAK polypropylene yarn production machine by TUSIAD TIDEB and Technology Achievement Award is given.

Power-Heat-Set GmbH

We have been supplying the carpet industry with machines and components for carpet yarn treatment for over 40 years. The different versions of our machines called GVA and HiPerSet, offer a wide variety of products and allow our customers to choose a machine that meets their needs.

All our equipment is manufactured by highly-qualified technicians at our German based headquarter in Toeging near Munich and a team of qualified mechanics and technicians is available worldwide for set-ups and service. Our US subsidiary in Dalton and several sales agencies and representatives all over the world allow us to guarantee a quick response time.


Gilbos is the brand trusted worldwide for textile machinery. Since the early 1900's Gilbos has been the supplier of superior quality products that meet the needs of forward thinking customers. With this same attitude we also offer specialized services as a subcontractor for mechanical components to a wide variety of industries. We have a team of 110 motivated professionals who support the continuous development of the Gilbos Tradition. Our machines are specifically designed for the processing and production of coarse yarn: BCF Carpet Yarns; Spun Carpet Yarns: woolen yarns as well as semi-worsted yarns; and Technical Yarns.

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