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Tuftco - Tufting Machines

The business of Tuftco Corporation was founded in 1960 as Southern Machine Company for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing tufting machines to the carpet industry. Tuftco's founders were at the forefront of introducing the broadloom tufting machine to the world. In fact, it was during the 60's that Tuftco began marketing its equipment on an international basis, placing machinery outside the United States in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Tuftco Corporation is the only company in the world that can supply a carpet mill with all of the necessary machinery to take yarn from the tufting process all the way through to finished carpet. Tuftco is uniquely qualified to supply all of your tufting needs. Creels, beams, warpers, Tufting Machines of every variety, roll-up machines, ovens, backing, dye, and print ranges. These are just a sample of the complete range of machinery that Tuftco can supply to the carpet industry.

Tuftco - Finishing Systems

Backing Ranges
Our backing range can be designed for single or multiple use. We have expert experience with laminating ranges, foam backing ranges, PVC & PU tile ranges, extruded backing ranges, hot melt ranges, polyurethane ranges and other backings. We engineer this equipment in modular units to reduce installation time. Through our electrical engineering staff, we build our own range control systems. With our in-house programmers, the testing of these control consoles/panels is performed prior to shipping.


You'll recognize our approach through our attention for details: a project isn't finished until the complete line is perfectly installed and is turning impeccably. We only leave after a perfect test score.

It goes without saying that we remain at your disposal for further questions and maintenance of the machine.


Van de Wiele is the parent group of Titan-Baratto-Cornely. For more than a century, Van de Wiele assumes its leadership in innovation through a comprehensive range of high performing textile machines, finishing equipment, accessories, control systems and tailored services for the textile industry.


Dohle is the specialist for joining fabrics in the textile and carpet industry and we are proud to present our comprehensive product range of butt-end sewing machines and chain stitch sewing machines.

Quality - made in Germany. Our guiding principle that has emerged from decades of experience in the production of special sewing machines. Robust and high-quality machines that meet the requirements of the customers reliability.

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