Technical Textile Industry

Parker Hauser

The Parker Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe (EME), as European experts for motion control, is committed to helping customers solve their engineering problems in a diverse range of applications and markets. Parker EME's focus is designing and manufacturing products and solutions which add value for customers by improving efficiency, increasing productivity, enabling superior precision and ultimately reducing costs. The EME standard product range includes servo drives, servo motors, electromechanical actuators, AC / DC variable speed drives and more. EME can provide support in the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of Parker products.

Kinna Automatic

ACG Kinna Automatic is one of the world's most experienced manufacturers of textile machinery. ACG Kinna Automatic customises cost-efficient solutions for the production of pillows and quilts. Customers can take a complete line, fiber to packed pillow and quilts, or select various sections of the production line as required, with the possibility of adding other sections later. The layout of each production line is confirmed in consultation with the customer before manufacturing the machines. All machines are tested in Sweden prior to delivery, to ensure fast and cost-efficient installation. The machines are easy to operate, which shortens the learning period. ACG Kinna Automatic machines give low production costs and good, consistent product quality.


Dohle is the specialist for joining fabrics in the textile and carpet industry and we are proud to present our comprehensive product range of butt-end sewing machines and chain stitch sewing machines.

Quality - made in Germany. Our guiding principle that has emerged from decades of experience in the production of special sewing machines. Robust and high-quality machines that meet the requirements of the customers reliability.

Our Principals