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AES-4600 / ESI-1200 / T-MAX

AES-4600 / ESI-1200 / T-MAX

Automatic Terry Towel Sewing Line complete with In-Line Decorative Label Applicator, Cross Hemming, Inspection & Folding Sections

One (1) lane of fabric coming from the let-off of the AES-4600 will be straightened and positioned under the sewing head to apply the decorative label on the towel. The fabric is fed in-line from the AES-4600 to the ESI-1200 machine. The fabric length is measured, straightened, cross-cut, and transported to the sewing section consisting of one left and one right sewing head. It is possible to apply a flat or folded label to the hem. After the sewing operation, the towel is fed to an inspection station, comprising of reversing conveyors. Once inspected, the towel is fed into the lateral folding section of the T-Max machine comprising of up to four (4) lateral folds. The towel is then transferred via a roll-off conveyor to the cross-fold section. The cross fold operates with Swingarm stations to assure a perfect fold. The cross-folded towel is then stacked on an indexing conveyor.

  1. Edge guide alignment corrector
  2. Non-terry thickness sensor to position towel for decorative
    label application
  3. Servo positioning decorative label feeder / sewer
  4. Fabric straightening system for terry towel (non-terry area)
  5. Adjustable belt hemming conveyor systems (Left and right)
  6. Inspection station where operator can inspect both sides
  7. Flexible and versatile T-Max folding system
  8. High capacity vacuum cabinet
  1. Cross hemming lock stitch with automatic bobbin changers and back tack
  2. In-line with OSL-5600 length hemming unit
  3. Hanger label and cord feeders
  4. Remote access for troubleshooting capability

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