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Automatic Coverstitch Bottom Hemmer

Automatic Coverstitch Bottom Hemmer

A tubular or side-seamed body is loaded over the expansion rollers. When loaded, the rollers expand to the proper tension, indexes the shirt under the presser foot, and the sewing cycle is initiated. The operator is free to load a second station. The finished hem is sensed and perfectly oversewn (with stitch-condensing if desired). The threads are trimmed and the garment is automatically stacked.

  1. Patented Serial Bus Control System
  2. Shirt may be hemmed first or last operation
  3. Tandem operation
  4. Automatic size control
  5. Perfectly aligned oversew
  6. Electronic active edge guiding system
  7. 100% cotton thread max RPM

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Principal Atlanta Attachment Co.
Country Of Origin
Model No. 1278-8