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Butt-end Sewing Machines

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Butt-end Sewing Machines

 Single thread butt-end seam

For light to heavy fabrics and materials such as cotton, home textiles, denim, plastic materials, technical textiles, etc. The transport of the fabric is realized by a sliding wheel with pins. This helps to minimize a dislocation between the both layers.

The sewing heads of the Variant-S are also available as a rail mounted execution Variant-L.

  1. Seam widths: appr. 28mm (S7), appr. 40mm (S8) or appr. 50mm (S9)
  2. Voltage: 400 V three-phase or 230 V single-phase
  3. Other voltages possible on request
  4. Integrated cutting device (knife appr. ø 100mm)
  5. Integrated knife grinding device


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Principal Dohle
Model No. Variant-S
Country Of Origin