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Computerized Automatic Quilting Machine (Continuous Feeding)

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Computerized Automatic Quilting Machine (Continuous Feeding)

1. Adopts S50 lifting sewing head, highest speed up to 3000 rpm, and there is thick sewing head (M70) for optional.

2. Jumbo Koban rotary hook imported from Japan, no need to change bobbin thread frequently.

3. Automatic thread trimming, thread breakage detection, infra-red safety protection and auto-mending function.

4. Automatic oiling system, prolongs the machine lifetime.

5. Adopts Panasonic servo motors to ensure higher precision.

6. Powerful computerized quilting function, such as stitch-length selection, pattern zoom in / out, pattern compensation etc.

7. Professional and powerful quilting software for designing, editing and simulating quilt patterns.

8. New V30 computer control system, more simple and convenient operation.

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Additional information

Principal Richpeace
Model Number RPQP-NM-CSF-2300×2500-SDM-LS50-VR2-SL-3P380
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