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Computerized Frame-Type Quilting Machine (Fixed head)

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Computerized Frame-Type Quilting Machine (Fixed head)

1. Richpeace 1:1 design, Fixed Frame, Moveable Sewing Head and Saddle, Improved quilting precision and max. Quilting size up to 3.2m.

2. Minimized installation area, solves the traditional machine problem of large area of 2-times or 4-times more, and takes full use of the plant.

3. Max. Speed is 3000rpm, suggested working speed is 2500rpm to 2800rpm.

4. Automatic lifting head, sewing head will lift up automatically after quilting for frame changing easily. Special designed sewing head with independent presser foot drive is suitable for different material.

5. Retractable quilting frame, can be adjusted freely according to the required quilting size.

6. Four Japanese Panasonic servo motors provide powerful and accurate driving force.

7. The gap between needle and rotary hook is not the needle to needle design, which reduces the wear between the rotary hook and prolongs the service life of the hooks.

8. Japanese Koban Jumbo Rotary Hook and bobbin case.

9. Broken thread detection: Automatically stop after thread is broken, and the machine will return back the broken point to quilt after threading automatically.

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Principal Richpeace
Model No. RPQP-NM-SIS-1-3200X3200-SDM-FS50-VR2-NA-3P380
Country Of Origin