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FTO-7880-T(Automatic Width for Length Pillow Case (US Type) Unit)

FTO-7880-T(Automatic Width for Length Pillow Case (US Type) Unit)


The fabric coming from roll via let-off goes automatically through tension control and edge guiding to the hem forming device. The hemmed fabric is cross-cut, folded in half, and transferred to the side mock stitch overlock and latches tack station (including the label). Once the side is closed, it is transferred to the mock stitch over the lock bottom closing section. After the bottom closing, the finished pillow case is turned inside out and stacked.

  1. Inlet from roll
  2. Roll joining station for precise feeding
  3. Available with S – Z hem, header, cord piping, etc.
  4. Top hem edge alignment system
  5. Quick changeover to minimize downtime
  6. Precise servo measuring, folding and cutting
  7. Label feeder
  8. Automatic latch tack for secure seam
  9. Automatic turning station
  10. Simple data programming with color touch screen operator interface
  1. Inspection station
  2. Remote access for troubleshooting capability

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