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High Speed L1500 Mutli Needle Quilting Machine

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High Speed L1500 Mutli Needle Quilting Machine

1.The special big shuttle double-row multi-needle quilting machine has a working speed of up to 1500 RPM, which is more than 3 times the speed of ordinary shuttle quilting machine, greatly improving the working efficiency.

2, Optional quilting step independent pattern (covering 180°,360° pattern), more accurate pattern, no needle loss, no ring.

3. The needle row spacing can be adjusted from 75 to 210mm to realize extra-large pattern quilting. The lower needle row can be moved 52.5mm (half of the needle-distance) in X direction to cooperate with the upper needle.

4. It can complete the quilting of various patterns, without changing the needle position, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

5. Touch screen operation, graphical interface, clear and intuitive, all functions can be seen in the same interface.

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Principal Richpeace
Model Number RPQC-NM-L1500D-26+25-315×2625-105S50-VR3-NA-3P380
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