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K3502-3 Cabling-2 Ply or 3 Ply

K3502-3 Cabling-2 Ply or 3 Ply

K3502-3 carpet twister is mainly used for direct cabling three ply carpet yarns or two ply carpet
yarns. and can be used for TFO twisting single yarns by change the tension ass(option),
it i s s u it a b l e f o r v a ri o u s BCF y a r n s(PA,P P,PET,P T T e t c .), synthetic
filament(PA,PP,PET,PTT etc.)and staple yarns etc.

Item 450mm Guage 550mm Guage
No. of Spindles 8-176 8-168
Spindles Speed (rpm) 2400-9000
Delivery yarn speed(m/min) Max.120
Power Supply 220V 50/60 Hz
Twist range(T/m) Direct cabling: 20-400 ; Two-for-one twisting: 40-800
Direction of Twist S or Z
Spindle feeding package(mm) (Dia.Max. x Length)φ260×254 or φ280×254
Creel feeding package (Dia.Max. x Length)φ290×254
Take-up package(mm) (Dia.Max.x Length)φ360 ×254 or φ400 ×254(confirm when ordering
Bobbin size(mm) (Inside Dia.xLength) φ73 ×290 (or the users’ option)

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