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MULTITEX 3300-2000

MULTITEX 3300-2000

Highly Flexible

Designed to fold flat and book-fold cardboard in flat products and fitted sheets


The standard unit consists of a loading and pre-fold section including two lateral and three cross folds with a double roll-off stacker. One or two operators, depending on the size, load the product on a vacuum conveyor that holds the product in place. The positioning is facilitated by an XY laser system. The cardboard is inserted automatically in the pre-fold section. The two lateral sections are equipped with brushes to hold the material in place. The cross fold section works with the swing-arm principle. An automatic press unit is installed on the last cross-fold station to ensure stacking quality. Once the folding process is complete, the folded and stacked product is transported to the exit conveyor.

  1. In feed table with vacuum conveyor
  2. XY laser positioning system
  3. Cardboard inserter loaded from the side for easy access
  4. Sizes automatically adjusted by recipes on operator interface
  5. Motor activated folding blade for better control
  6. Double roll-off stacker for more capacity
  7. Remote access for troubleshooting capability
  8. Simple data programming with color touch
    screen operator interface

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Principal Automatex
Country Of Origin
Model No. 3300-2000