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This highly flexible folding unit is designed mainly to work in line with an Automatex flat sheet unit.


The standard unit consists of one loading and prefold section with cardboard inserter including one lateral folding section, one servo pinch rotation folding unit, one 90° transfer, two cross fold sections, and one double roll-off stacker for more capacity. One or two operators, depending on the size, load the flat sheet on a vacuum infeed conveyor that holds the product in place. The positioning is facilitated by an XY laser system. The flat sheet feeds towards the prefold section where the cardboard is inserted during the folding process. The flat sheet is then transported to the lateral folding section. The fold is accomplished by 2 folding blades over an adjustable template. From the lateral folding section, the flat sheet is transferred to the servo pinch rotation folding unit, which is a fast and precise folding system preventing the bending of the cardboard. The flat sheet is then transferred via a 90°conveyor to the cross fold section. The cross fold operates with a swing arm over folding blades. The flat sheet is finally stacked on a double roll-off stacker.

  1. Laser positioning system
  2. Vacuum infeed conveyor
  3. Prefold section with cardboard inserter
  4. Lateral fold section
  5. Servo pinch rotation folding unit
  6. 90° transfer
  7. Two Cross fold sections
  8. Double roll off stacker
  9. Print pattern centering or border presentation for packaging
    display requests
  10. Simple data programming with color touch screen operator interface
  11. Remote access for troubleshooting capability

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Principal Automatex
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Model No. R