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OD-Take Up Winder

OD-Take Up Winder

OD Series Automatic Take-up Winder is designed for winding yarn which is applied heat-set process or frieze process to 10 inch cylindrical bobbins (254 mm winding area) suitable for end use, according to desired length in meters and density. OD series take-up winder work in synchronisation with OM series machines and MD series Heat-Set machines. In addition, it can be adapted smoothly to different brands heat-set machines. Machine is equipped with electrical system and pneumatic systems as well as mechanical system. each section has 3 winding deck and also each winding deck has 8 winder mechanisms. Thanks to that, machine is composed of 6 winding decks which include 8 winder mechanisms in every single deck.

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Principal Ornek Makine/Machine
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