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The pillowcase is manually positioned onto the vacuum feeding conveyor and positioning is facilitated by XY laser system. The feeding conveyor is either automatically started by photocells or upon activation of a push button. A servo pinch mechanism will prepare the pre-fold.
The lateral folds are accomplished by two-fold blades over an adjustable template. To reach the desired final width, the template can be adjusted between 12 cm and 32 cm.
The two external cross-fold stations operate with the swing-arm principle. An automatic press unit on the last cross-fold the section ensures a compact folded product. The folded and stacked product is transported to the exit conveyor.

  1. 200 possible recipe variations for future needs
  2. Vacuum feeding conveyor with XY laser positioning
  3. Servo pinch pre-fold section
  4. Lateral fold section
  5. Two (2) External cross fold sections
  6. Dual stacker
  7. Quality sorting system
  8. Simple data programming with touch screen operator
  9. Remote access for troubleshooting capability
  1. Cardboard inserter in pre-fold section
  2. Third (3rd) cross-fold

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