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Pillow Filling Machine(Alan Pillow 2/3)

Pillow Filling Machine(Alan Pillow 2/3)

A 2 or 3-scale automatic system with an air injection system for the forced and dosed filling of feathers into pillows

ALAN PILLOW 2/3 is a pillow-filling system designed to carry out filling operations with down feathers, synthetic fibres and recycled materials into pillows. The system consists of a storage box, a 2 or 3-scale weighting system, a control panel to program the weighting cycles as well as a tank to load the storage box. Such system, compared to the traditional filling systems has a greater precision as regards the amounts programmed for each individual filling operation as well as a greater filling speed. The system can be fitted with a table for the positioning of items to be filled situated in front of the tube that enables the recovery of feathers that have spilled over during the pillow filling process.
Over the years, ALAN PILLOW 2/3 has become the reference point in the production of cushions for sofas as well as the small/medium production of pillows and cushions for interior furnishing purposes.

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Principal Borsoi
Country Of Origin
Model No. Alan Pillow 2/3