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Pillow Filling Solution(Proloft 1000)

Pillow Filling Solution(Proloft 1000)

The ProLoft 1000 is a popular more productive Pillow and Cushion filling system. This system is capable of providing fully open fiber at the rate of approximately 600 to 1000 pounds per hour.

The CCS ProLoft 1000 is a 42″ wide machine made up of several components, this includes a Reserve Conveyor which allows the operator to insert a large amount of fiber into the system thus reducing the labor requirement. The fiber is automatically moved from the Reserve Conveyor into the Fiber Feeder where it is pre-opened with a lift apron and kick roller, the fiber is then metered into the Reserve Chute above the Fine Opener. The fiber flow is now controlled by the operator. Each time the operator steps on the footswitch, the shut-off valve opens and the fiber is fed into the Fine Opener. Once the fiber passes through the Fine Opener, it is blown by the Filling Fan into the finished product.
The Proloft 1000 consists of a horizontal or vertical high-speed opener, fiber stuffing fans, and electrical control. This system includes a reserve feed hopper that allows the operator to insert a large amount of raw material into the feed hopper thus reducing the labor requirement. Once the feed hopper is full of raw material, the operator slides a tick on the stuffing nozzle and steps on the footswitch. The timer on the electrical control panel will establish the amount of fiber being inserted in the tick.

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