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QLA Automated Cutting and Stacking Systems

QLA Automated Cutting and Stacking Systems

Parker's range of QLA Automated Cutting and Stacking Systems fully automate the cross cutting, length cutting and material stacking processes and benefit from a modular structure and multiple options, providing a high degree of flexibility which makes them suitable for many fields of application. The QLA Textile Machines efficiently cut, stack and process a wide variety of flexible materials – including home textiles, laminates, non-woven and technical textiles. The systems are supplied either as standard versions with numerous options, or as application-specific versions based upon your process requirements.

• Automotive
• Home textiles
• Medical
• Laminates
• Miscellaneous automation

• Modular system with high range of options
• High productivity
• Low maintenance
• High cutting and stacking accuracy

• Air bag
• Laminates
• Medical non-woven
• Glass fiber
• Technical textiles

Technical specifications
• Strip Rewinder / Shaftless Unwinder
• Edge Guiding
• Roll and Pallet Processing
• Continual Feed for inline applications, Pallet Feed or A-Frame Unwinding
• Length Cutting Unit
• Stacking Cuts
• Conveyor or Air Floating Transfer System
• Indexing System
• Stacking Tables

■ QLA Cutting And Stacking Systems For Home Textiles
• Bed linen
• Sheets, fitted sheets, pillow cases, bed covers, ticking, etc.
• Towels
• Quilted materials
• Mattress covers, bedspreads, etc.
• Upholstery materials
• Furniture, caravans, etc.
• Tablecloths,
• Material for garden furniture,
• Couch and chair covers, sunscreens, screenblinds, etc.
• Woven materials for duvets

■ QLA Cutting And Stacking Systems For Laminates
• Construction laminates
– Floor covering laminates, laminates for the construction industry
• Industry laminates
– Printed circuit boards, pre-pregs, copper foils, etc

■ QLA Cutting And Stacking Systems For Non-Wovens
• Cleaning cloths
– Floor cleaning, cleaning cloths, dusters, etc.
• Disposable cloths
– Catastrophe protection, railways, airplanes, fire services, camping, etc.
• Upholstery industry
– Lining materials, foams, etc.
• Medical disposable products
– OP-sheets, OP-covers, cleaning cloths, etc.
• Packaging materials
– Paper, foils, air cushion foils, PE-foam, etc.
• Felts
– Mattress protectors, filters, upholstered furniture, recycling materials, etc.
• Disposable clothing, protective clothing
– Overalls for painting jobs, clean room applications, etc.
• Disposable articles
– Tablecloths, napkins, tray liners, etc.

■ QLA Cutting And Stacking Systems For Technical Textiles
• Big Bags
– Pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, chemistry, construction, etc.
• Air Bags
– Automotive supply industry
• Sun protection
– Constructions projects, caravans, etc.
• Compound materials
– Air and space travel, automotive parts, technical light construction
• Filter materials
– Filter bags for heavy industry,
– compressors, emergency poer aggregates, turbines, etc.
• Rubber materials
– Heavy layer materials for the automotive industry, car rugs, vehicle linings, seals, etc.
• Laminated, coated materials
– Roof facings, door facings, tent materials, sport articles, Antiglide materials etc.
• Foils
– Advertising, overlays, bindings, shower curtains, tarpaulins, etc.
• Honeycomb Material
– Airplane construction, construction industry, automotive manufacturing, etc
• Impregnated materials
– Shoe upper materials, fire-resistant materials
• Floor coverings
– Automotive industry, foot mats, etc.

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