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Designed to insert book-fold cardboard in products such as Quilts and Bedspreads


The unit consists of a loading lateral and cross-fold section. One or two operators, depending on the size, load the product on a vacuum conveyor that holds the product in place. The positioning is facilitated by an XY laser system. In the first lateral fold section, the product is held in position by reversing sandwich conveyors. If needed, the cardboard will be inserted in the first fold. The lateral fold will be finished in a servo pinch rotation mechanism. From a roll-off transfer, the product is transported to the cross-fold section. Once folded, the product is transported to the exit conveyor.
The unit is supplied with two J-Pack compress/bagging units, where a zipper bag is inserted manually over the “jaw”.

  1. In feed table with vacuum conveyor
  2. XY laser positioning system
  3. Cardboard inserter
  4. Up to three lateral folds
  5. Reversing conveyor
  6. Servo pinch rotation system
  7. Roll-off transfer
  8. Up to four cross folds
  9. Exit conveyor
  10. Manual bagging section with 2 J-Packs
  11. Simple data programming with color touch screen
    operator interface
  12. Remote access for troubleshooting capability
  1. Can be connected in-line with an Automatex automated
    sewing line
  2. Reversing conveyor for quality inspection
  3. Rolling Unit

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