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SA-330-FCHCL-3(Comforter / Duvet Bag 3 Side Closing Unit)

SA-330-FCHCL-3(Comforter / Duvet Bag 3 Side Closing Unit)


Two operators feed in manually each comforter/duvet bag on a conveyor. The conveyor transports the comforter/duvet bag to the side closing the sewing operation. After over-lock safety stitch side closing, the trailing edge is indexed to the bottom closing section consisting of an overlock safety stitch.

  1. Ergonomic modular stand-up work station
  2. Automatic clamping and feeding
  3. Left and right conveyor system adjusted
    from the center for width variations
  4. AC drive top and bottom closing cross sewing conveyor
  5. Simple data programming with
    touch screen operator interface
  6. High capacity vacuum waste removal system
  1. Automatic label insertion
  2. Remote access for troubleshooting capability
  3. Comforter/Duvet Bag Vacuum Turner:
    Model TVHCL-260×260

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