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UD-High Bulk Machine

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UD-High Bulk Machine

UD Series machines are designed for high bulk process of acrylic, wool, cotton and blended yarns between the counts Nm1-Nm18. By the help of this process, bulkiness is given to yarn and this bulkiness provides good quality and good appearance.

Open ended steam, serpentine or saturated steam can be used for heating of steam chamber. Length of the steam chamber is for UD 15X series 1500 mm and for UD 28X series 2800 mm. Machine can be produced with min. 4 or 5 and max. 20 lines according to machine type and user needs. An effective cooling system is needed to fix the yarn quality, so the humidity and the excess heat must be sended away from the yarn. For providing this kind of effective cooling, a relaxation and cooling unit with the length of 2000 mm had been designed and which is starting from the chamber exit.

Every single belt can run independent from each other by the help of inverter controlled motors. Thus, machine provides a flexibility for processing different types of yarns in single process.

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Principal Ornek Makine/Machine
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