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Ultra Super

Ultra Super

For heavy to very heavy goods such as coated carpets, woven carpets, plastics, artificial turf, nonwovens, tire cord, filter fleeces.

The wide seam of 50mm ensures stable and tear-proof connections. The Ultra-Super masters many sewing tasks that are not possible with conventional sewing machines.
While the needle is in the material, the lateral advance of the machine is largely stopped. This special mechanism ensures that the needle is largely prevented from bending sideways. This enables the processing of hard and heavy goods.

Optionally available with adjustable sewing speed (50% and 100%).

  1. Seam width: max.50mm
  2. Connection: 400 V three-phase, 50 Hz
  3. Heavy and robust design
  4. Sewing length according to customer requirements
  5. Powerful cutting device with separate motor
  6. Integrated knife sharpening device
  7. Various fabric fixtures available

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