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FN-7725-OPB(Automatic Napkin Lock Stitch Hemming Unit)

FN-7725-OPB(Automatic Napkin Lock Stitch Hemming Unit)


The fabric is fed from one roll via let-off through tension control, notching system, and edge guiding to the length hemmer. The hemmed fabric going through an accumulator will be cross-cut and transferred to the cross hemming operation and the readymade pieces are stacked in bundles.

  1. Inlet from roll
  2. Electronic edge guiding system
  3. Automatic bobbin changer system with up to 7 bobbin
    carousel re-fills
  4. Servo motor die cut notched corner system for thinner
  5. Automatic back tack and thread trimming
  6. Precise servo measuring and cutting
  7. Simple data programming with color touch screen
    operator interface
  1. Comb straightening device for patterns and satin bands
  2. Embossing and heat transfer unit for ID or logo
  3. Remote access for troubleshooting capability

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